Planetary Pest Control - Art Breakdown

After 8 months and 17 people's hard work, the game I have been creative director and 3D artist for is finished! Planetary Pest Control is an asymmetrical coop adventure that puts you and a friend in control of Wrench and E.V, two exterminators stranded on a hostile fungal world after a contract goes wrong.

As well as directing the project, I worked with a team of artists to help create the alien environment of Armillaria. I also created one of the two main protagonists, the robot E.V.

Play the game for free here!

Any assets not pictured in the breakdown are work from the rest of the team. Please check them out through the link!
Splash art and original E.V. concepts courtesy of Nate Bedford:
Comic Panel graphic and game logo courtesy of Spooks Rodyakin:
Rigging and animation by Marty: and Eric:

E.V. In action!